Thursday, September 23, 2010

Finally, I busy week!

Last weekend I went to Buenos Aires (not Agentina) for a weekend with my host family. My host mother is from there and it is a beautiful town with a primary forest. The town does not get cell phone service so there are public phones that when anyone gets a call it is announced to the whole town that you have a call. In Buenos Aires I went to the Paramo which is the mountains above tree line. We went to a man made lake and went fishing for trout. It was a beautiful day that ended with a 5 hour hike back to town.

Now, the last week Cahuasqui has been really busy. Tuesday and Thursday I went around with the health center staff to all the smller barrios (La Florida [only 8 families], Pugaran, Wuanibuela and San Francisco) around Cahuaqui (still part of Cahuasqui) and gave Rabis vaccinations over 300 dogs and cats!! The vaccinations are paid for by the government because Rabis has been a huge health issue. It was so much fun and I actually got to give some of them. One of the towns was a 2 hour drive away and only has about 8 families (50 or so people). The towns are so beautiful and I am thinking about trying to so some work there because no other volunteers have and there are definate needs in these communities.

Also, on Thursday I gave my first lesson (Charla) to the whole high school (around 100 people). I gave it on self-esteem and I would say over all is went well. I know the director of the high school was pleased and then students seemed to have a good time...I just hoped they learned something!

I miss the USA, but then when I am in a bus driving in Ecuador and by barley turning my head can see three volcanoes (two snow covered) I miss the USA a little less.



  1. Miss you Ben!
    -Amanda (A2 sista)

  2. Once I find a beach ball, I'm sending you another icebreaker.

    I hope you put that puppy under your vest and took her/him home! S/he's too cute!